An Art & Design store in the Catskills, upstate New York.

A curation of framed art, books, paper goods, design objects, and magazines from the art & design world.
In-store you’ll find a curated selection of vintage exhibition posters, authorized reproduction prints from iconic artists, and one of a kind paintings from emerging artists, all framed and ready to hang.

Alongside the art we keep a diverse rotation of art and design-related books, some of the best stationery from around the world, exclusive sculptural collections, and functional design objects too.
The in-store curation is updated regularly with new titles and products, and a thematic pop-up section that focuses on revolving stories and concepts.
Pressed Juice
Framed Art
Art Books
Behind the store; a bit about the founder, David McGillivray.
With a background in Art & Design from Brighton University, England, and over 15 years in the design industry, David McGillivray is the creative force behind Corners.

He has honed his skills across various sectors—from technology and finance to fashion and publishing—and even launched buzzworthy brands for industry giants like Conde Nast.

Co-founder of the viral loungewear brand Offhours, David is no stranger to consumer-focused design and tapping into the zeitgeist.

He's also shared his expertise as an adjunct professor at Parsons School of Design, sharing his extensive knowledge and experience in interactive design with the next generation of creative professionals.

With Corners, David combines his lifelong passion for art and design with his penchant for strategy and storytelling to offer a unique and curated experience for art and design enthusiasts in upstate New York.
The Corners retail space was designed with Michael Groth, and fabricated by MC Studios.