Land Acknowledgement
As part of the Catskills community and representing Corners, we extend our deep gratitude for this land and reverently honor the generations that have safeguarded it before us.  Recognizing the enduring significance of these lands to the Lenape nations, both past and present, we stand on the ancestral territories of the Haudenosaunee and Munsee Lenape, which are intertwined with the histories of several Indigenous communities; lands and waterways connected to the vast traditional areas of the Haudenosaunee, Esopus Lenape, Munsee Lenape/Monsiyok, and Mohican/Muhhekunneuw Peoples.

Despite claims by various European powers, later and New York State, these lands were never surrendered. We believe in the paramount importance of historical awareness, and the need to engage with the history of genocide and forced removal that the peoples of the First Nations have experienced. We are committed to addressing these historical oversights in our own community and educational practices, and strive for a future of mutual respect, unity, and an unwavering appreciation for the long standing Indigenous legacy that enriches this region.

Corners views this land acknowledgment as an initial step in our engagement with these vital issues. We are dedicated to ensuring our approach is both dynamic and impactful, deepening our understanding and relationship with the subject as we progress.